Carl: Carl and Barry comment on his win over Yuriy Voronin

Carl Frampton (wtko3 Yuriy Voronin): On his performance…. “That was the performance of my life and we know that Voronin is a tough operator so it took me a while to suss him out because he was a bit cagey. Once I got the range at the end I was nearly hitting him at will but I had to be careful because when I pushed him on the ropes he was throwing wild swings at me.

On the crowd reception….. “The fans reception was amazing and I’m sure it put the frighteners on Voronin from the start. The crowd were fantastic and it gives you such a buzz and a big lift. I didn’t want to let myself or the crowd down..

On Voronin’s southpaw stance…… “As southpaw’s come he didn’t seem that tricky. I’ve fought a couple of southpaws so far since I turned professional and I’m sort of used to boxing them. I got a lot of southpaw sparring in London and I can handle them. I’ve sparred a lot with Ryan Lindberg who is one of the most awkward southpaws around.

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